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  • Traveling with Celiac Disease: O’ahu, Hawai’i
    Celiac Disease (CD) can be a real pain in the ass when it comes to traveling. From bringing food onto an airplane, to making sure the CD-sufferer has safe food and snacks throughout the entirety of the trip, it becomes a real ordeal to travel. Some destinations are way more Celiac-friendly than others. This means that … Continue reading Food & RecipesRead more
  • How To: Gluten Free Pain au Chocolat
    Puff pastry. I never had the opportunity to play with it before I was diagnosed, but thankfully they’re starting to come out with GF puff pastry sheets so you don’t have to suffer through attempting to make it. French Picnic sells a 2-sheet pack of GF puff pastry for $13. I bought mine from a local … Continue reading Food & RecipesRead more
  • How to… Stock a Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen
    updated 12/28/16 Since I was diagnosed last year, I’ve found that Asian recipes are hands down the easiest to convert to gluten-free than many other types of cuisines. A lot of recipes only require some minor replacements, if any, which makes it so much easier to stress out less! As always, double and triple check the … Continue reading Food & RecipesRead more
  • How To: Gluten Free Tonkatsu
    For a while after I was diagnosed, I gave up making tonkatsu, one of our favorite weekly dinners (that also tastes good a day after). I tried making it again with Aleia’s gluten free bread crumbs but it just wasn’t the same. However, one day at Sprout’s, I came across this… Kinnickinnick’s has had a pretty … Continue reading Food & RecipesRead more