About this Hapa

Hello! Welcome to One Boring Hapa.

This is Cynthia, the writer and artist here at this blog. šŸ™‚ As the name suggests, I’m a hapa (mixed Asian) and I’m one boring person. I also coexist with celiac disease (no gluten for me!). I also draw and write comics … maybe one day I’ll write a book! (hahahahaha)

This blog is a random mishmash of ideas, content, and reviews. I’ve gotten back into books, especially non-fiction books, so you’ll see a lot of those mini-reviews. From time-to-time I’ll write a proper review, but the books I really like end up getting one of those — so not too often.

I also like to talk about race and the intersection with politics and culture. If race talk makes you uncomfortable, then I might suggest you stay a bit to read what I have to say! It makes a lot of people uncomfortable, and that’s OK.

Lastly, I have a lot of business and healthcare experience, so that’s why you end up seeing a lot of healthcare books on here! I love expanding my knowledge. I also love griping about work.