Review: Sims 4 – City Living

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So, if you keep up with The Sims at all, you’ll likely know that a new expansion pack just came out November 1st. If not, surprise! Time to get your wallet out!

City Living has added a lot of new content to The Sims 4, making it a much more interesting game and reminds me of Sims 3 with how open some of the world is. You also get some new skills, jobs, and apartments.

Yes, apartments. Like from 3.


Which can be very, very pricey. You think you could afford the rent and the deposit, but then the furnishings really get you, like below. (Note: you can get the place empty, however I’m lazy.)

Home/apartment traits are also a new thing, which is great depending on what you’re going for. The apartment my current sim lives in has great schools, but unfortunately … much higher chance of multiple children. Which is how she had triplets (seen in 1st screen) in a 2 bed 1 bath apartment. Hrrm.


In addition, you get an open-world neighborhood with the districts. Each one has apartments, a common area where events happen with food stalls, and some kind of a museum or bar or other activity building.

I’ve found the quest to eat as many different foods from the different stalls to be fun. The opportunity for Sims to also learn how to use chopsticks and eat hotter foods is also amusing, especially when you make an Asian Sim. Wouldn’t you know how to use chopsticks? 😉

Just be careful of how much your Sims eat. Apparently they don’t have much self-control for whatever reason.

I would rate this a must buy for the Sims fan. This adds enough content to the base game that it’s worth buying and playing for however many days your stints go. 🙂