A quick primer on spelling Celiac Disease


Something I’ve seen all around the interwebs is the mispelling of the autoimmune disease, such as Celiac’s Disease or Celiacs Disease. Let’s quickly make a correction!

The real spelling of the disease is:

Celiac Disease OR Coeliac Disease

The reason it’s spelled as such is thanks to Aretaeus of Cappadocia, who named the condition a few thousand years ago “koiliakos,” coming from the Greek word “koelia,” which means abdomen (Guandalini, 2007). The word was translated into Coeliac, then is now known as Celiac in some parts of the globe. Both spellings are correct.

However, the disease is not named after a person, so Celiac’s Disease is incorrect.

Celiacs Disease is also incorrect, but you can call a group of Celiac Disease sufferers Celiacs in normal conversation.


Guandalini, S. (2007). A brief history of celiac disease. Impact: The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center Newsletter, 7(3), 1-2.

How To: Make Colonoscopy Prep Easier

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Colonoscopies, the step-child of procedures that no one really wants to discuss or talk about or even get. The one where the prep is far worse than the actual procedure itself. The one where you have to drink some real nasty prep or drink a few litres of fluid. That procedure.

One of the procedures that are actually incredibly important for someone to get in their lifetime. It helps doctors to see, up close and personally, what’s going on in your lower intestines. A pill cam might be able to zoop right through, but you can’t get the same kind of look without doing a colonoscopy.

Getting one as a young Celiac definitely gets comments from your surgery staff. “You’re so young!” said the nurse right before I went to sleep. It’s not my first or will be my last rodeo, folks. It also doesn’t have to be hard!

Since I failed my first prep horrendously, my husband and I looked around for tips and tricks for making the rescheduled exam easier. Here are my tips after the cut.

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