Review: Komi-san can’t communicate (古見さんは、コミュ症です)

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古見さんは、コミュ症です (Komi-san can’t communicate) is a cute, fluffy comedy manga about a pretty school girl who has a communication disorder and her adventures with super-normal school boy named Tadano who tries to help her out.

I’d call this a bite-size read that leaves you satisfied after every chapter, where you don’t feel pressured to pick up the next one because you’ll forget the story otherwise. It’s a comic where you can put it down and come back to read when you need a nice break (or procrastinating writing your essay *cough*).

A touch of fluffy, a touch of lewd but not ecchi, a touch of weird and a touch of comedy make this for a fantastic read.

I love the dynamics between the classmates and the family members, especially with Shouko (Komi-san)’s family/extended family. Sometimes school-based manga kind of fall off into a pit of shoujo drama or sexy panty shots, but it’s nice to read something that’s just endearing all around.

There’s almost 150 full-length chapters to read through so it may take some time! Though totally worth it.

TLDR: Read it for fluffy!

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